What is the RPF Volunteer Program?

The Robby Poblete Foundation was created because we believe in the ability to transform tragedy into purpose, beauty and opportunity. Our programs are designed for different parts of the community to come together — because it takes all of us to create safer, stronger communities. The RPF Volunteer Program gives people a chance to participate in numerous community activities, such as gun buybacks, art exhibits, public outreach, youth and inmate programs, and various community events, with the goal of creating positive, impactful changes in our society. Only with the help of volunteers can we Be the Change.

Volunteer Opportunities:

  • Solicitation of sponsorships and/or donations

  • Marketing and promotion of RPF events

  • Community events

  • Vocational program

  • Art of Peace

  • Gun buybacks


  • Being able to connect and contribute to our community

  • Making new friends with people of all ages and backgrounds

  • Advancement in careers & resume building

  • Improvement in Public Speaking skills

  • A Fun and exciting experience!


If you are interested in becoming a volunteer and/or learning more about upcoming volunteer opportunities, please fill out the form below or email us  info@robbypobletefoundation.org.

Everyone is welcome

We welcome volunteers of all ages from all backgrounds who are motivated and are eager to be the change in our community! Join our team by emailing info@robbypobletefoundation.org